The story of our Heritage dress and why it can be worn daily

Lots of moms and dads tell us they are sometimes torn on which part of their (sometimes mixed) heritages they should amplify on this fun dress-up day. Some argue they should represent each, taking great pains to be culturally faithful. We salute and love you.

Others just look for a simple piece of clothing for their little girl. We figured we could contribute to the latter this year.

Of course the world population is not going to unite just because their moms tell them to. So we found a way to celebrate our similarities this Heritage Day, and the little Flag dress was born.

Heritage is history, and also the world as it is and who we are as a result.

A mom at my daughter’s school put it so well: “I could be a mom, a wife, an isiZulu or Afrikaans woman, a political party member, LGBT, a CEO, a writer, plus anything on top of that. But first, I am a Proud South African!”

HAPPY Heritage Day everyone!

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